Welcome to the Gamaddiction Website

We are a young and motivated team of indie game developers. And, like most indies, we have enormous energy, high hopes, big plans and great expectations. We already got two games on our belt and we’re hopeful that we’re going to rack up a lot more in the coming years.

We love games and we love creation. This, translates in our involvement in game development. It is also our strong belief that games should offer an engaging story, and we’re big fans of open-ended environments. Whenever possible, we also try to passively-educate our audience, by including useful tidbits of information in our stories.

Entertainment With Passion – Not Just Games. Experiences!

Games are here to enrich our lives: to make us happy, to challenge our minds, to make our blood rush. And most importantly, games need to be make us believe them. The most important rule in order to accomplish this is to never wrong your players: starting from spelling mistakes to errors and crashes. A game should be an uninterrupted experience.

Our motto is not an empty phrase that we just slap on our logo to look hip or fill up space. We are in this business because we love it, deeply. We are not here to plagiarize or to push out cheap games by the dozen. Even if innovation and originality are rare diamonds, we’re here to work for them. This is why the first priority when designing a new product is to infuse it with a spirit of uniqueness, to give it that little something which makes it stand out.

This is an approach which gave birth to all companies that made it in the history books. It is the hardest and riskiest approach, because market, trends and society cannot be predicted. Hard work, passion and enthusiasm are not enough to be the best.

We’re lucky to live in times in which computers have reached the levels required to build virtual worlds with ever-increasing level of detail. The amazing human imagination is now free to express itself fully. When we work at our games, we are smiling inside, not only because we love what we’re doing, but because we know we are a privileged generation.

Everybody who is involved in Gamaddiction is also a gamer. We know how a good game should feel like. Although there is no recipe, we can sure taste our products and continue mixing the ingredients until we come up with the right mix.

A Future Set In Stone

It’s hard to say for how much time we’ll continue to name ourselves an indie game developer. But one thing is sure: this website will be here for a long time. How much activity you’ll see here, is impossible to predict. But at our core, there are a few individuals who will simply not give up. Life will throw us curve balls and obstacles, we’ll have to deal with them, but at the end of the day, we’ll be back here, doing what we love to do.

Whatever the future holds, there will always be gamers and there will always be new ideas to explore and new devices to use. In this industry, we started with a few buttons and worked our way up to mice and joysticks. We now got motion recognition and an entirely new experience, via 3D. Hopefully, Gamaddiction will also have the time & finances to explore and take advantage of these new venues.

I believe I can confidently say that our future is “hardcoded” ::- ). We’re here, and we’ll be here for a long time to come. As long as humans seek fun & entertainment, we’ll try to find the time and energy to create it. Originality and innovation never die. There will always be new ideas and new environments to apply them in.

Our journey is a difficult one, such is the story of any indie developer. It’s tempting to think that time works against us. But, in fact, as technology and tools develop, our journey is made easier. Instead of perceiving time as an enemy, we’ll call it our friend, and see it record our exploits and, slowly, reveal our future!