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Thunderbirdz Released!

Thunderbirdz, the first game created by Gamaddiction, has now been released! We think of it as a well polished, but simple game, with plenty plenty of challenges and content. The #1 reason behind Thunderbirdz was to make our first mark in the game development industry, to begin small and to release constantly. Already, new projects [... read more ...]

Designer Wanted!

Things were going quite well for us with Thunderbirdz. Unfortunately, our designer got mixed up in too many projects and cannot devote enough time to the project. Anca is a wonderful artist, without which Thunderbirdz would not have existed. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her help bringing this game [... read more ...]

Thunderbirdz Beta Release

After three months and five days since the Thunderbirds project was started, we got a final name for it, and a Beta Release too! The name, fortunately, isn’t much different than the original. We settled on Thunderbirdz, since this would avoid any confusion with the popular series and/or copyright issues. As for the Beta release, [... read more ...]

New Project: Thunderbirds

Announcing our first game! Thunderbirds is the name, now is the time. Thunderbirds is, for now, only the codename of our new project. The name may change before release, due to the fact that there is a rather famous TV series with this name. We don’t want to risk any copyright problems, even though this [... read more ...]