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RoboFite: Project Frozen

Naturally, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. We decided to freeze work at RoboFite due to the tough financial requirements of the project, which are, at least for now, beyond our possibilities. This is a hard and painful decision, but we will not give up on the project. Gabi “DiAngelo” Balasz has worked [... read more ...]

Designer Woes

Barely one month into the development of RoboFite and we already stumbled into our first major issue. This does not bode well. Simply put, our designer, Radu Matasa, has decided to abandon ship, mostly due to material concerns. RoboFite is indeed a large project, one that will be difficult to complete with a team comprised [... read more ...]

New Project: RoboFite

It is time to take the wraps off our newest Game Project! I already hinted that we got something new cooking, a few days ago when I announced the G3 UI Library, a Tools Project intended to facilitate the development of our future Games. Of course, us starting work at a new Game was merely [... read more ...]