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The First Autumn Pictures

Ah, isn’t it a nice time of the year? The trees shed their leaves, people start to dress up, and Summer gets one hell of a beating from the butler of Winter. It’s the perfect time to get work done. I’m sad to disappoint anybody hoping for some nice autumnal pictures, but if you’re on [... read more ...]

Alien Invasion – The Resurrection

Guess who’s back? ::- ). Fans, forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been way too fucking long since my last confession. Many things have happened in the lives of the people behind Gamaddiction, but that’s beyond the purpose of this post. I am here to say that everything is fine, and, more importantly, [... read more ...]

Alien Invasion – Waking Up Into 2012

Our upcoming Alien Invasion has just been through a rather rough period. The Planetary Combat mode and the Intro Movie are to blame. I built the Intro Movie at the beginning of October, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result, and neither were the testers of our game. So I had to drop it. It [... read more ...]

Alien Invasion – Space Combat Presentation – Video

This is the last video in my series of 3 which present Alien Invasion version 0.6. Here, I’ll be talking about the Space Combat Mode, which is where the Player takes the fight to the Aliens. This is accomplished using Fighter Ships, and you’ll be able to see how their work and see their Special [... read more ...]

Alien Invasion – Planetary Combat Presentation – Video

The second video in the series of 3 which present Alien Invasion version 0.6, will introduce you to the Planetary Combat Mode, which is where most of the game’s action will take place. I will present how the defense of a Planet Area goes, starting with the building of the Bunkers, equipping them with Weapons [... read more ...]

Alien Invasion – General Presentation – Video

This is the first video in a series of 3 which will present Alien Invasion version 0.6. In this video, I’ll show you some general aspects about Alien Invasion. In the first part of the video, I will mostly be talking about the Map, presenting how the Player can travel from one planet to another, [... read more ...]

Alien Invasion – Version 0.5 [DevLog]

Development at Alien Invasion has been doing great in the past few months. We’ve included new art and overcame lots of problems. A ton of new features has been implemented and the game engine is almost feature complete. The game has grown to much more than what I originally had in mind. That also happened [... read more ...]

Alien Invasion – Version 0.4 [DevLog]

It’s been quite a while since I gave you any news about our upcoming game, Alien Invasion. I’ve been telling you about The Logicon, the G3 UI Library and the GFG Library, but nothing about what Gamaddiction is really all about! Games! That’s just because I’ve simply been too into Alien Invasion to write about [... read more ...]

New Project: Alien Invasion

Now that the G3 UI Library has reached version 0.2, we are proudly announcing the commencement of a new project! The temporary name of the project is Alien Invasion and it was in my plan book ever since March of this year, when I posted (on the 26th) its initial specifications in a private topic [... read more ...]