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Our Last “Pure-Indie” Title

Freezing development at RoboFite and Epic Game Studio was not an easy decision to take. But, nevertheless, it was a necessary decision. We simply don’t have the funds to branch out too much, so the parts upon which we cannot focus have to be… well… amputated. But being an amputee isn’t fun… um… that didn’t [... read more ...]

Hard Finances

Being an indie developer isn’t easy. These past few weeks I’ve been having “the Finances Blues”. My time is stretched very thin and unfortunately things aren’t getting better. I do have some good news though. The Gamaddiction team has a new designer now. Through a fortunate twist of life, I came across an old friend [... read more ...]

Gamaddiction Website Online!

Hello World! We are Gamaddiction and we are NOT legion. We are a group of dedicated and passionate people with a common interest in game development and now that our first project is starting to take shape, we decided that it’s about time to show ourselves to the world! Through this website, we will update [... read more ...]