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Epic Game Studio: On The Rocks

As unpleasant as this may be, I still have to say it. Development at Epic Game Studio has hit a road-block, namely that we’re simply too busy working at Alien Invasion, The Logicon, the GFG Library and the G3 UI Library. Alien Invasion can live without Epic Game Studio. The game is pretty complex, but [... read more ...]

Epic Game Studio – Version 0.2 [DevLog]

It’s time to say a few words about the Epic Game Studio, arguably our most complex project (and, unfortunately, the most neglected – not by choice, but by necessity). Epic Game Studio is a one-of-a-kind Universal Compiler which uses a common “base language” to transpose pseudo-code into actual code. It accomplishes this by using a [... read more ...]

New Project: Epic Game Studio

The development of Thunderbirds goes well and it fills me with hope for the future. I have lots of new game ideas and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, budget, as always, is not unlimited. Therefore, we (me and everybody involved in Gamaddiction) must be very careful in what we invest our time. And [... read more ...]