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G3 UI – Version 0.4 – Video

This video presents overall aspects of the G3 UI Library as well as how I work with it in the development of Alien Invasion. Version 0.4 of the G3 UI Library is featured in the video, and you’ll be able to see most of its features. You’ll also see a bit of the diagrams and [... read more ...]

G3 UI – Version 0.3

A quick update into our progress with the G3 UI Library. I think we can safely say that we’re at about 30% of the way until we reach version 1.0. And by version 1.0 I mean a fully utilizable version, not Alpha or Beta. The most important Widgets have been added and the Render / [... read more ...]

G3 UI – Version 0.2

It’s time to say a few more things about our Great Graphical Gear User Interface Library. Boy, isn’t that a mouthful? ::- D. The G3 UI Library is a simplified, game-oriented alternative to Adobe’s Flex. There are huge differences between what a game demands of a UI Library and what a business applications framework (which [... read more ...]

New Project: G3 UI

If there was anything Thunderbirdz (our first game) made clear, is that you can’t build a game without a proper UI library. Well, Thunderbirdz did make and is making a few more other points, but that’s beside… the point ::- ). Right now, we got an announcement to make. Me and Gabi “DiAngelo” Balasz started [... read more ...]