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The Festival Of Testing

Even if The Logicon has been released more than a month ago, that doesn’t mean that I stopped working at it. Not by a long shot! As a matter of fact, I wrote more lines of code in this past month than I wrote in the previous almost two months. But the lines I wrote [... read more ...]

The Logicon – Version 1

The Logicon is an in-game calculations library. It helps the game developer by taking care of absolutely all in-game calculations regarding: damage, skills, hit points, scoring, experience, level-upping, stats, properties and whatever other term you might imagine and has a number associated with it. I built the Logicon with Diablo 2 in my mind ::- [... read more ...]

New Project: The Logicon

As soon as the Alien Invasion project was started, it was stopped ::- D. I’m smiling because it’s nothing to be alarmed at. It’s just that… well… the project took an unexpected path ::- ). As I was laying out the Class Diagram for Alien Invasion in Enterprise Architect, I started to realize that a [... read more ...]