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Thunderbirdz: Two Years Later – Lessons Learned – Video

In this video, I will talk about our first released game, Thunderbirdz (developed in 2009 and released in January 2010). It has been almost 2 years since Thunderbirdz was released, so I think it’s time for an objective look over the shoulder.

I will present almost all the features of the game and I will also reveal a few of the mistakes which have contributed to its rather poor commercial showing.

During my narration, you can see almost two games of Thunderbirdz being played. I will also be making a few comments about the lessons I learned from the development of this first Gamaddiction game.

If the video makes you want to… then you can go here and play some Thunderbirdz!

The video’s duration is 20:17.

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Thunderbirdz Released!

Thunderbirdz, the first game created by Gamaddiction, has now been released! We think of it as a well polished, but simple game, with plenty plenty of challenges and content. The #1 reason behind Thunderbirdz was to make our first mark in the game development industry, to begin small and to release constantly. Already, new projects are in our plans!

Thunderbirdz is the work of me, Axonn Echysttas, as the coder & game designer, together with Anca Poiata, lead designer who unfortunately had to bail out of the project about three months ago and Lucian Olaru and Crina Angelescu who handled testing duties.

After approximately 900 hours of work (of which, difficulty balancing and gameplay testing constitutes almost 30%), Thunderbirdz was finally released! I learned a lot about ActionScript 3 while coding this, my first AS3 game, and I’m happy I chose Adobe’s Flash Player as a means of release, as it offers us an immense audience.

We are now waiting for sponsorship offers on Flash Game License^ and we’re preparing to release the game on major game portals. Quite probably, an ads-free version will also be featured here on our website.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

UPDATE 2010-02-15: Thunderbirdz is now live! You can play Thunderbirdz here!

Designer Wanted!

Things were going quite well for us with Thunderbirdz. Unfortunately, our designer got mixed up in too many projects and cannot devote enough time to the project. Anca is a wonderful artist, without which Thunderbirdz would not have existed. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her help bringing this game as far as it came.

The art is not yet complete however. I think it’s about 80% done. We’re looking for somebody willing to help us add the last touches to our game.

Here’s a little teaser of how the game looks so far, so that any artist has an idea of what art style we’re looking for:

Thunderbirdz Screenshot

Thunderbirdz Screenshot

Thunderbirdz Beta Release

After three months and five days since the Thunderbirds project was started, we got a final name for it, and a Beta Release too!

The name, fortunately, isn’t much different than the original. We settled on Thunderbirdz, since this would avoid any confusion with the popular series and/or copyright issues.

As for the Beta release, that’s available in the Axonn Software Development Forums (so yes, it’s not a public Beta). But the important thing for our loyal fans and close partners is that they got something to play with!

The Beta features the first episode of the game, titled “Feathery Spring”. I also added a fun “destruction” mod called “Timelapse”, in which you have to destroy as many birds as possible in the given time.

The final version of the game will include two more episodes: “Arctic Adventures” and “Bloody Dunes”. Each episode has 30 levels, for a total of 90 levels. However, our definition of a “level” isn’t quite… standard. There is no level per-se, rather a seamless succession from one area to the other. The “levels” are very short, roughly 1 minute each, so completing a game lasts about 30 minutes. If you survive, that is, hee-hee-hee.

It’s been a long road so far, for me personally, as I had to deal with quite a few challenges in mastering ActionScript 3 and game engine programming. But everything worked out great and I’m quite satisfied with our first game!

New Project: Thunderbirds

Announcing our first game! Thunderbirds is the name, now is the time.

Thunderbirds is, for now, only the codename of our new project. The name may change before release, due to the fact that there is a rather famous TV series with this name. We don’t want to risk any copyright problems, even though this game has absolutely no connection with the said TV show.

Thunderbirds is a game about a cloud which destroys the birds that fly under it using thunders. I think that there is a rather low chance for this name to change, because it’s quite… inescapable ::- D. Thunder. Birds. Thunderbirds!

The game will be built in ActionScript 3 and will run in any browser using Adobe’s Flash Player. We chose this as our first development platform due to the fact that vector art is quite easy to obtain, and, since we’re a group of indie developers, we’re always on a budget.

I already finished the initial specifications of the game and we’re currently working at the first art objects. In the meantime, I’m getting my mitts firmly on ActionScript 3. It’s a leaps-and-bounds improvement over the previous ActionScript 1, which is the last one I used. I completely skipped AS2, since it wasn’t very much different from AS1 (at least at its core).

Estimated date of release for the game is Summer/Autumn of this 2009. This may change depending on budget constraints / project plan changes. Since we’re talking about a game, I’m quite convinced that there will be quite a few plan changes.

Regardless of the final release date, I’m sure we’ll be able to do it eventually and to deliver a quality title. So, that being said, let’s rock!