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ANNOUNCEMENT: development frozen as of October 2010.

RoboFite: Project Frozen

Naturally, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. We decided to freeze work at RoboFite due to the tough financial requirements of the project, which are, at least for now, beyond our possibilities.

This is a hard and painful decision, but we will not give up on the project. Gabi “DiAngelo” Balasz has worked too much on the PHP side for me to allow such a thing. RoboFite will return one day, hopefully soon.

It is my hope that our newer game project, Alien Invasion will secure us some much-needed funds, which I could funnel into RoboFite. And, if not funds, at least fame. Gamaddiction needs more exposure and portfolio, so that at least we can bring more designers on our side, interested to work with us at some really great games.

And RoboFite is a great game. It has a huge potential and is filled with innovations and great ideas. Sure, that’s how any game developer talks about his game! ::- ). But really, RoboFite is awesome and I will never give up on it!

For now, the focus switches on Alien Invasion. It is the healthy thing to do! We will stay focused on Alien Invasion and deliver one more quality single player game.

And, besides Alien Invasion, there is, of course, the G3 UI Library which continues to evolve. And there’s one more secret project in the works. But, come tomorrow, it won’t be a secret any more ::- ). Stay tuned!

Designer Woes

Barely one month into the development of RoboFite and we already stumbled into our first major issue. This does not bode well.

Simply put, our designer, Radu Matasa, has decided to abandon ship, mostly due to material concerns. RoboFite is indeed a large project, one that will be difficult to complete with a team comprised mostly of volunteers.

We are all worried about the future of the project, especially Gabi “DiAngelo” Balasz who already put in a great deal of effort on the PHP side. We already got several operational interfaces which are eagerly waiting for the Flash Player client to connect to them.

Unfortunately, the development of the G3 UI is also eating a lot of my time, so I was unable to do much for the RoboFite Flash Player Game Client so far.

For now, I wouldn’t say that the project is going great.

We’re obviously looking for another designer to help us with this project, so feel free to get in touch via our Contact Form.

For now we don’t even have sample art, and that’s good in a way, because our next designer will be able to choose his/her own art style, as long as it fits the game Universe, which we’ll be happy to talk about with potential candidates.

New Project: RoboFite

It is time to take the wraps off our newest Game Project! I already hinted that we got something new cooking, a few days ago when I announced the G3 UI Library, a Tools Project intended to facilitate the development of our future Games.

Of course, us starting work at a new Game was merely a matter of time: now that Thunderbirdz has been released, we needed a new goal. Just as Thunderbirdz was in its final weeks, that goal started to take shape.

RoboFite is a much more ambitious project. Although it is still based on Adobe Flash, this is an entirely different beast. Together with a PHP & MySQL back-end, RoboFite, as you can probably guess, is going to be an MMO.

I already wrote a fat Game Design / Specifications document and I’m in the process of preparing the development team which, thankfully, this time, will not consist only of myself. Gabi “DiAngelo” Balasz will be my partner. We’ve been working together at the G3 UI Library and his PHP experience automatically recommended him for this project.

As far as the Art Design is concerned, Radu Matasa will be helping us whenever he has time. He’s actually the boyfriend of Anca Poiata, who has been our talented designer for Thunderbirdz.

Now that I revealed RoboFite, I can also tell you that this Game Project is at the root of our newest Tools Project, the G3 UI Library. Reason?

Well, quite simply put, RoboFite is friggin’ complex! Even Thunderbirdz, a simple game, would have benefited enormously from a library like I plan the G3 UI to become. But RoboFite? RoboFite would be impossible to develop without a very capable UI library. And that’s where the G3 UI comes in.

I can’t reveal any information about RoboFite’s Game Design & Story. So far, all I have is this name for you to go to sleep with ::- ).

So, the pieces are coming together! Epic Game Studio and the G3 UI Library will be our Tools Projects which will together help us on the long hard road ahead of us: the release of our first MMO game! RoboFite!