Why Invest?

One of the greatest advantages when investing in a startup is that we’re used with very tight budgets and this makes us extremely versatile at maximizing every cent. We can produce a large single player game with less than 15.000$ and an MMO with anything from $20.000 to $100.000 (depending on the game’s complexity).

For example, the estimated budget which is needed for us to complete one of our frozen Projects, the RoboFite^ game, a fantastic MMO with also supports FaceBook integration, is $70.000. RoboFite is an HTML 5 game which will work on any device with a browser (iPad, Android, PC, Consoles) and specifications & game design have already been completed for it. The game will support both paid and unpaid accounts, where unpaid accounts will play using the micro-transactions model, on separate servers.

But the most important reason for investment is a long-term relationship with us. We have valuable Intellectual Property (read: ideas) which can’t wait to be turned into fantastic products. This is not marketing bogus here. You can see several of our ideas turned into reality if you explore our Games and Tools here on this website.

Some of our Projects are currently frozen due to the need to prioritize our efforts. Since we’re on a very tight budget, our Games take priority over our Tools, but even so, we had to freeze one of our most profitable game projects (the RoboFite game I already mentioned).

Last but not least, we have lots of experience in the game development industry and we’re willing to put all this knowledge on the line for the betterment of a valuable relationship with a worthy partner.

Explore our website, look at what we got so far and if you see the potential, help us write a bit of history and turn some of our projects into reality.

Profit Sharing Model

When it comes to your Return On Investment, you will not be disappointed. Not only will you be the owner of the Title (game or game-dev tool) we will jointly-develop, but you will also be entitled to the largest chunk of the Title’s profit. This, of course, is always negotiated, but the negotiation starts from 51% for you.

Even more, there is a secondary chunk of the Title’s profit which will also go to you, in a way. Actually, it will go towards our joint future. This is a fixed, 30% portion which we are calling Fixed Future Bond.

This Fixed Future Bond is a shared budget pool which ensures that your investment will live on to produce even more results. All the funds which gather in the Fixed Future Bond will be used exclusively to sponsor creation of new content (such as expansions or sequels) to already released popular games, updates to game-dev tools, and the creation of new Intellectual Property to which you will be entitled to the same profit as your originally sponsored Title.

With at least 80% of a game’s profit going basically to you, you might wonder what’s in it for us? Well, first and foremost: game development! For now, our target is to get ourselves a name and prove to the rest of the world what we can do together. Secondly, we’re interested in building a beautiful relationship with you, one that will see us both share success and reap the rewards. Such a relationship should always start with trust & sacrifice, because that’s when what’s best in us surfaces.

The Together Philosophy

We’ve thought at dozens of ways through which a good relationship should yield the best results. All this thinking has coagulated in a way of thinking we’ve named: The Together Philosophy.

This will see you take a pivotal role in our existence; most importantly through a complete transparency in communication, company processes and administration.

You will also have a say in your sponsored Title’s lifetime. Starting from game-design and/or feature-design, down to (if you’ve got technically skilled staff) design decisions.

Our Intellectual Property Charter

Intellectual Property and Copyright are extremely hot topics now-a-days. Therefore, we will state our IP Charter here, so that you know exactly where we’re coming from.

You will have full commercial rights to the IP of the Titles you’re sponsoring, but any rights to create sequels based on IP we originally created, belong to us. However, for any subsequent title we release, and you are not financially involved, you are entitled to at least 50% of the previous title’s Profit Share.

Games are stories. And we are striving for the quality of our stories. This is why we will always try to maintain a level of involvement in the stories of the games we pioneered.

In special cases, we are, however, willing to cede complete rights to our IP, but this is to be negotiated on a per-Title basis.

It is important to understand that our #1 concern is the quality of our games and the image of our stories in the hearts & minds of our fans and customers. If you can guarantee that you will safeguard and keep a high standard for our original creations, we’re happy.


If you liked what you read and if you have even the slightest interest in a possible partnership, contact us, and let’s talk future!

Take a leap of faith, and perhaps, at the end, we’ll be counting the millions!