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Rounding Up The GFGL

The Gamaddiction Flash Games Library has just made two very big and important steps forward. During the development of Alien Invasion, I added two more very useful components to it.

The first one is The Archivist. It consists of a Class and an Interface, which are used to persist save-game data for Alien Invasion. I also integrated a Base64 utility Class which I am using to provide a human-readable representation of a save-game, which, in turn, I need for Alien Invasion’s ability to show its save-game data in a nice textbox, from where the user can copy, e-mail and then paste on another computer (since moving Flash Player save-game data can otherwise be quite difficult).

The Archivist Class handles all Flash Player Shared Object writing/reading functionality while the Interface represents the contract which any game object which desires to be saved needs to implement. We will be using The Archivist in all our future Flash games, naturally.

As for the name, I don’t think it needs any explanation. Or does it?

The second component freshly added to the GFGL is The Maratonist. Ok, this naming is perhaps a bit too hard to understand, but perhaps once I’m done explaining what this component does, you’ll see the connection with the word “Marathon”.

The Maratonist is a set of classes which is used by Alien Invasion to interact with the social back-end of various websites, in order to submit high scores, achievements and other such social candy. For now, The Maratonist works with Mochi and Kongregate, but a FaceBook implementation is also on the way.

Actually, I built The Maratonist in the context of a side-project I’m developing with a Norwegian company (after almost a year of focusing purely on Gamaddiction, I start to feel the wind blowing through my pockets, and that’s never good). But The Maratonist was always intended to be used by Alien Invasion for social integration. It’s just a coincidence that my collaboration with the Norwegian company required it first.

So, the GFGL is growing and evolving into a really nice toolset for Flash Games Development. When I feel happy with what it is, I might publish it for non-commercial use, or even Open Source it, who knows?

New Project: GFG Library

While we were busy in the past 2 years coding away at our various games, we failed to see something that was happening right there, under our very noses! A new Project was shaping up. And that project is…

The Gamaddiction Flash Games Library, which consists of a number of very useful classes which we used in Thunderbirdz, the G3 UI Library, RoboFite and now, Alien Invasion.

What’s it made of? For now, just three classes.

The Tools2D class contains various methods which work with the 2D drawing systems of Flash Player. For example there are various methods which work with Sprites and Movie Clips, but also some really nice functions for shape-adaptive hit testing, into which I poured dozens of hours.

The Numeric class, as its name implies, is a class which works with numbers. We use it for various custom number conversions which AS3 does not provide. Most importantly, converting Dates to Numeric or String representations, something we used heavily in our Thunderbirdz weather system.

Last but not least, the Math class contains functions which work with angles, distances, radians, conversions and rotations. This class is the newest addition and I’m still working at it, in the context of Alien Invasion.

It may look a bit chaotic or not too much for now, but trust me, this will become a respectable Project before too long. I got some nice plans in store for it, plans which will take shape as the development of Alien Invasion will kick-start in the following months (as soon as I finish work at The Logicon).